’64 Chevy C10 4×4 at Carlisle


Fairly solid 1964 Chevrolet C10 4×4 with winch at the Carlisle Swap Meet that I took a walk around to check it out.

Survivor C10
Survivor C10

Although it’s a long bad so not exactly what I want. I then found out it had a straight six under the hood so now definitely not the truck for me. I would swap out that 6 for a Big Block but the drivetrain would most likely fail with that much torque trying to push the axles and transfer case 🙁

Friend had one similar to this but a heavier model, took out the 6 and replaced it with a small block. He then put a wrecker boom on the back and started a tow company with it. He sold the company but I think he still has the wrecker to this day 😕

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