6 Second ’69 Street Camaro!


Yes you read that right, this is an all steel 1969 Camaro that can drive on the streets and still pull a 6 second run down the quarter mile with no issues 🙂

6 Second Street Camaro
6 Second Street Camaro

As you read this car is all steel and has roll up glass windows with a full interior to boot 😯 It is also using Ladder Bars and not a 4 link setup to get the traction from the radial tires down to the track on this 3480 pound car. It also uses no wheelie bars and seems to launch very mellow on it’s 6 second runs.

It is not confirmed but it is suspected to be running a twin turbo big block to pull these times at the track. It does not have a full exhaust, instead it dump the exhaust out under the front fenders so inspection wouldn’t be in this cars future. However it seem to have no problems cruising around on the roads in Maryland where it was built by Drummond Race Cars.

So being a 6 second street car would put him in the class of cars like Dave Ahokas’s Camaro, Larry Larson’s Nova, Andy Frosts’s Red Victor 3, , Jeff Lutz’s 1957 Chevy, Rod Sadboury’s Corvette, Andy Jensen’s Vette, and Tom Bailey’s Camaro. 👿

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