’59 Triumph #2 Barn Find


’59 Triumph #2 Barn Find

This is worse than the 426 original mile Triumph that was removed from the property of the deceased landowner 🙁 However, someone bought it and planned to restore what was left?

Triumph Barn Find
Triumph Barn Find

As I said in the other post that the owner was a pack rat and once he got something it never left his property. Parts too planes, cars to office equipment even though he was supposed to be an over the road trucker of all things?

Well update on this lil gem as it sold. Unsure how much it has completely sold for but it left along with the others and it may have even gone over sea 😯

This cylinder head was in with the collection of things brought back with this collection. There were also Alfa Romeo’s and even a Bugatti there that had a Jaguar engine swapped into it for some reason?

When I heard about the Bugatti I asked if I could go get some pictures of it but, was told that someone had scooped it up before they got there. There was actually paperwork laying in a desk there about the Bugatti and the swap but, they just let the stuff get tossed out!

I tried to tell them that the stuff is history and worth more than any of the Triumph or Alfa stuff but, they just did not seem to car 🙁

I know one of the Alfa Romeo’s sold for a record price and was some form of rare engine combination too. Wayne Carrini alegedly was interested in it at some point but, I am unsure if it was before or after we got hold of it? All I know is I was taken by where this entire collection was discovered and it was just plain old house in a residential neighborhood.

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