560HP GT-R vs Everyone Cali Street Races


This is an interesting street race with a Down Pipe and Injector modded GT-R racing everyone 👿

Nissan racing
GT-R Street Racing

Yes I am a big time fan of the Nissan GT-R and for good reason too as far as I’m concerned. What car can you do minimal mods like injectors, tune and a down pipe to then lay the smack down on cars with major mods 😕

Think about what is going down with these races. First white car with the scoop that is claiming to be a 375 Horse Power engine with a Nitrous Oxide hit. OK 375HP ain’t being put out with the burnout that this car is doing unless he is using the NOS during the burnout. I mean you can get 400HP out of a 305 and you know there is no 305 in that car 🙄
Super Stock?
What engine?

Then you know the car has a very modded drivetrain otherwise as it has all the Track name and numbers on the side windows. Then you have the scoop for what ever reason cause it sure ain’t needed for anything stock under hood.

Then a few more cars step up to the line to race the Nissan. Most of them loosing the race to a car that out weighs them by nearly 1000 pounds to boot 🙁

Then an old favorite Dodge that is a light A body but, it is now sporting a 540 inch RB engine. So you would think this would have INDY heads on it at least along with a stroker crank and rods. It does not do jack squat for some reason with that kind of Cubic Inch displacement for some reason?

Stroker Demon
540 CI Demon

Then last race against the 375HP Camaro with Nitrous Again and with the gopro camera footage something just does not look right? Then GT-R pulls on him and then he pulls on the GT-R sorta like a Fast and Furious movie or something? Was someone hitting another kit on his NOS or something to make sure he wins 😕

Anyway my Tuner a lil while ago now on a stock short block trapped over 170mph and on pump gas to boot 😛 That was doing almost a 9 flat run too so that is just disturbing as the car is still a full interior stereo Power Everything trapping that fast with an ET like that! All off of a stock short block ta boot 👿

Seriously the muscle cars are just that. Cars from way back when cause a GT-R with minimal mods and full daily driver creature comforts can take out monster stroker big blocks and Nitrous Injected track cars with wings! Almost not worth it anymore unless you are into nostalgia 🙄

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