5000HP Devel Supercar!


Yes you read it right

A company in Dubai is making the Super Car of Super Cars claiming to have a V16 engine delivering 5,000 BHP and a claimed 0-60mph of 1.8s with a top speed of 348MPH 😯

5000 Horse Power Super car from Dubai with 348 MPH top speed
5000 Horse Power Super car from Dubai with 348 MPH top speed

Now onto the logistics on if this would even ever be possible 😕

There is a company making super high Horse Power Big Blocks at 632 Cubic Inches and with Twin Turbos making 4000 to 4500 Horse Power engines. However they are large V8 Big Block Chevrolet based engines. The Devel 16 is exactly that, a ultra high Horse Power V16 engine of unknown configuration 😕 The sight just shows blank information about the vehicle aside from the V16, 0-60 and top speed.

Are they just advertising these claims in hope of getting investors? I am not seeing it being possible as the only things capable of figures like this are using Nitro Methane or even Nitrous Oxide and only run for 5 seconds or less down a Quarter Mile. Nothing making this kind of HP will last especially coming from a manufacturer that would have to off some kind of warranty 😛

Update as the car has been video taped (if tape even still exists?) running and it does not sound like a 5000 Horsepower engine in any way shape or form. More sounds like a Small Block Chevy that was built up or something to that extent?

Not only that but, no video of it doing anything other that idling around from what I have seen 😕

So what is anyones thoughts on if this thing is a real 5000HP Supercar or just a crazy fake that was made for attention grabbing? I think it’s an attention deal and wont ever be a production car setting records or we would have heard and seen more by now 🙁

Well this seems to be a bit of proof built by Steve Morris. He has built a rather large V16 engine with 4 large turbochargers on it. Here are the specs so far.

Devel Sixteen, 12.3 Liter V16 engine, 81 mm Quad Turbo, 32 Titanium Valves, Sixteen Cylinder One Billet Block, Devel Sixteen Cylinder Heads, One Billet Cam Shaft, One Crank Shaft, rated over 5000 Horsepower,

– 4515 Horsepower @6900 rpm, 36 psi c16 (dyno could not hold any more power over 4515 hp)
– 3519 Torque @6600 rpm, 36 psi
– 3002 Horsepower @6900 rpm, 20 psi (on pump gas – daily use)
– 2407 Torque @6400 rpm, 20 psi

– The Most Powerful Engine Ever Built for a Production Car.
– The Most Powerful Engine Ever Built on Pump Gas.
– The First & Only V16 Quad Turbo Engine for a Production Car.

This engine was designed and built exclusive by STEVE MORRIS ENGINES for DEVEL SIXTEEN

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