4×4 Camaros Epic Fail or WTH?


OK I like customizing car but WTH?

Ford under Camaro
Looks like Bronco frame?

So are 4×4 Camaros Epic Fail or WTH? I mean I like when I see an occasional 4×4 conversion done to a car such as a Cadillac Hearse or Elcamino but a Camaro…come on 🙄



Camaro custom 4x4
4th Gen Camaro’s get hiy up too

Yes you can do one in what i might say a correct fashion? Meaning completely building a custom frame from the ground up. The making a killer 4 link suspension that will let it articulate and do everything right but, there is actually a late 60’s Camaro not to far from me that is built using aa Bronco frame!



Camaro 4x4 custom
3rd Gens deserve it

Yeah a Ford Bronco frame and engine to motivate it 🙁 Why, well I have an idea why it was used. Basically for the frame length so it would not have to be modified much but, still using a Ford anything under a Chevrolet Camaro frame is kind of sacrilege!




Poser Camaro 4x4
2nd Gen Poser?

On the other hand I wouldn’t really have a problem seeing someone make an AWD Camaro to make a street terror 🙂










Dune Buggy Camaro
This I will accept!
4x4 Conversions
Not sure what to think?
4x4 Sand Drag Camaro
Sand Drag Camaro


That would be totally acceptable way of customizing a Camaro to me even if it was something that was never available or ever built.

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