440 4 speed Cuda rusting away


440 4 speed Cuda rusting away

Sad to see something like this by me.

440 4 speed Cuda rusting away
440 4 Speed Rusting Away

From what I have been told it is a Plymouth 440 4 speed Cuda even though it may not be an original RB engine and they are holding it for there son who is in the military.

Of course that was years ago yet they claim to be keeping it for him even though I don’t think they realize what is going to be left when he comes home 🙁 A friends son that I know ran into the Mother of the owner or just the property owner that this car is sitting on. I for one see it every time I go down that road too. Always waiting for it not to be there because someone may finally wrestle it out the parents hands or something like that? Or one day I may see a for sale sign on it and I want to be the first to knock on the door so they don’ get all star struck by someone telling them it’s worth 40 pr 80 thousand dollars cause they saw one go for that on Barrat Jackson or something like that 🙁

It is so rotted away in the back I do not think it can be saved? Nor do I think it is an original 440 in the car from the factory. Yes even if it is a fake it would still be just as much fun as the 340 Challenger I had that was an original 340 car. Don’t bitch at me cause I didn’t change it. I bought it with a 440 727 instead of the 340 4 speed that it came with on the RT package. I would have loved to have all the original drivetrain so when I sold it I could have got a small fortune for it instead of selling it off as a basket case 🙁

440 4 speed Cuda

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