4 Turbo 2JZ Silvia


Yeah you know someone had to do it

So yes this 4 Turbo 2JZ Silvia actually runs believe it or not? Not like it’s a street driven car or anything like that mind you but, still just the fact that it seemed to be running well enough to Drift 🙂

The 4 Turbo 2JZ Supra engine swapped Nissan Silvia drift testing
2JZ Swapped Silvia Drifting

So firstly it is not a Supra like most people have been talking about. Kind of glad to a point because a nice Supra wasn’t sacrificed to make this monstrosity.

Some smoke with the driver and tuner sitting after a failed attempt at the premier drifting even for this Silvie
Interior after a Drift Event

No instead a Silvia, a much smaller car to boot was picked to be the chassis of this extreme experiment with 4 staged Turbo Chargers. The First Stage of this quartet of Turbochargers is a pair of TD-06 17C Hair Dryers. The have their own set of waste gates to manage the boost the the second set of Turbochargers receive.

Two TD-06 17C Turbo's provide the low RPM Boost on this 2JZ swapped Silvia
The first Stage Turbo’s
Now onto the second stage of Turbochargers, they would be T88 34D’s also with their own set of waste gates. Then the exhaust exits out the back from this rather large Turbo’s. From the few things I have been able to find about this extreme boost setup is that it uses 2 Motecs to control the system. It then has Water/Meth injection to try to keep the heat under control along with the Intercooler taking heat out before it goes into the intake manifold.
2 second stage T-88 34D Turbo's take over on the increasing of the boost from the 1st stage
Second Stage Turbo’s

It then has the radiator moved to the rear of the car along with other heat exchangers mounted on the side with scoops to direct air to them along with fans to help at lower speeds.

It uses a 6 speed transmission from the Supra as most other transmissions wont hold the Horsepower a well tuned 2JZ can produce. Especially one that has the ability to make 3 Bar of Boost!

However it was only able to make about 1.5 Bar on this drift event as they had been working on the Silvia all night trying to get it ready to make it’s first runs for the crowds of people waiting to see it!

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