’61 361 Fury Convertible


’61 361 Fury Convertible

So not sure if this ’61 361 Fury Convertible was as much a Barn Find or not but it had sat for somewhere around 9 years parked away before becoming available.

It definitely has a grille you would remember seeing in your rearview if it was flashing it’s lights to pass you.

Loaded Fury Convertible
Power everything Fury

Aside from it being a pretty cool looking car from the outside. it’s the inside that is full of some surprises. For one would be the Square Clear Sparkle steering wheel. Then for such an old car it has Power Windows but then if you watched the video where the original Owners Manual was found in the glove compartment it states this car also has Power Seats! Pretty loaded for a 1961 Plymouth Fury if you ask me. Then you have the fact it’s a convertible and I would say this was a pretty nice find!

Then it is a V8 to top it all off. It has been a while so I’m not sure if it was a Polyshere or not anymore? With how loaded the car is it wouldn’t surprise me in the least however. Never got a ride in it unfortunately like the Edsel that was fully loaded. Or the Avanti that I got to drive to Carlisle with an LT1 powering it.
Do not remember if it had Air Conditioning or not now either? I did find them one with a 413 and Air Conditioning that was so early that the system was mounted in the trunk! Now that was also a White Monster Mopar. You would think this things a super rare but, craigslist seems to weed em out all the time for us to find. The dealership even scored a Cross Ram 413 with a three speed stick once of all things if you can believe they ever made one!

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