3 Humvees trashed


Just a few Tax Dollars

So 3 Humvees trashed right on camera to boot! Now you have to wonder who’s fault this could be as they are 3 seperate accidents from the looks of it?

Hummer preparing for impact
Dropping Fast

I have seem a Hummer and a Tank both dropped from a C130 Hercules transport plane but, they where released at low levels.

Humvee destroyd on video
Hummer Impact

Not like this Humvee exercise was anything new. This is been it done many times before so should be simple an easy objective to be done.

Parachute drop Humvee
How it should have been
the other problem is that all three Humvees came from different aircraft so was the same person cause set up or different teams that destroyed these vehicles? There better be a very big investigation on this as put a few hundred thousand dollars have been lost at this point. Not to mention if anybody was below the they could’ve been crushed!

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