2JZ Powered Thunderbird


So even though you could get a Turbo factory in a Thunderbird, it was only a 2.3 four banger engine that could not be made to put out that much Horsepower 🙁

2JZ T-Bird
2JZ T-Bird

So a lot of Ford Purists will complain about not using said 4 cylinder engine or even the famed 5.0 V8. However you can’t deny that using a Import straight 6 with 1000 Horsepower worth of boost will get the job done 😯 and get the job done to a mid 9 second quarter mile run 🙂

It is quite impressive watching the car lay black streaks down the 1/4 mile trying to get traction and using just a small straight 6 engine to do it 😛

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