2300cc Turbo Fuel Injected powered Volkswagen


Awesome Volkswagen Custom 🙂

2300cc Turbo Fuel Injected Gene Berg powered Volkswagen
Turbo Fuel Injected VW

2300cc Turbo Fuel Injected powered Volkswagen was at a yearly VW show in Bound Brook NJ to see what was there. Ran into a friend that I had a hand in introducing to VW’s and got to see what his latest project is. He just finished this car the night before the show cause there were to many rumors already out about this car and for good reason as it is SICK!

Just not sure if I agree with the R32 rims? The Volkswagens interior was incredible though and the car was awesome. Wish any of the Beetles I used to build turned up this good. Maybe I could build one to look this good one day.

Not sure if the engine was built by him or not at this point. I believe it was but, unsure if the Fuel Injection setup is a Bernie Bergman or what? Definitely wish something like that was available when I used to be into Volkswagen Beetles though. I mean I had a set of Weber 48 IDA carburetors on my stock 1600cc engine and it did give it a lot more snot so to speak.

However it was nowhere near as drivable as this setup most likely is. I am saying this out of what I think though as I haven’t driven this car or even got a ride in it as of yet. I do remember driving the Weber carbs in the winter though and it was not a fun thing as they had no chokes at all. It was always a start up with a few pumps of the gas and then wait a minute until the engine had a we bit of heat in it otherwise it would just bog a lot.

Didn’t have a turbo either and that was a major want back then too. So this car has both FI and a Turbo along with being a larger engine to boot. Def a car that is on my wish list to have 🙂

R32 Rims

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