2016 Drag Week Eliminations with a familiar car


Wait, Chucks Lemans?

2016 Drag Week Eliminations with a familiar car that is the same as a friend’s Lemans. Except he actually runs quicker that this believe it or not!

Drag racing
Lemans in Eliminations

So he along with most of my friends are chasing the 9-second zone dream. I am a Boost addict for the most part while most of my acquaintances are Nitrous, High Compression or stroked engine guys.

Not to quick
Slow ET

Between the Grand National I had or the WRX I still have, I am all about the Boost now. Although I am not really into displacement, I have to admit that I am putting in a stroked 2.7-liter engine in my WRX increasing the engine by 700cc. Making it almost a 3rd larger, well almost.

I also have a brand new Mark V Chevrolet 502 with an Accell Superram fuel injection manifold on the square port heads waiting to be put into something? Just been waiting to find something with a frame strong enough to withstand what that engine will be capable of putting out with some boost!
Anyway, back to Drag Week, I also have a friend in a Podcast I am part of that is building a C5 Corvette convertible for Drag Week. It is going to be using an iron block 5.3 LS engine that will have Manley internals to withstand the twin turbos that are planned to be installed. He is not going for any significant records but, more of running on a bet with someone that is building a 1968 Barracuda that will have a 5.3 LS swap in it mostly for price as compared to trying to build a Mopar Indy head 440 engine.

That is something I suggested a while back but, was put down as the Barracuda owner thought it would bring the cars resale value down. Don’t see what kind of resale value he thinks it has seeing as we sold a ’68 Barracuda convertible at a dealership I work with and it took years to sell it at a few thousand dollars, and it was original numbers matching car!

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