1992 240sx 4bt Cummins on Craigslist


I saw something like this before just not a 240sx

Craigslist 240sx with Cummins 4bt swap LINK

Seriously though a 1992 240sx 4bt Cummins on Craigslist does have to be one of the more off beat cars for sale that I have seen yet! That being said I have seen quite a few strange cars and trucks on there too…

So who would throw a 4bt Cummins into a 240sx and why?
Never thought I would see a swap like this

So lets get back to what is one of the most obscure engine swaps out there. Actually it is not all that obscure when it comes to using a 4bt. I have seen a lot of Rat Rods that choose this engine just to be different.

A 240sx just isn’t the type of vehicle you would either want to swap a larger engine into (unless it’s a LS1) or put a Diesel into?

4bt swapped into a 240sx Nissan on Craigslist
It could be an interesting ride now right?
The owner is claiming that “This car is completely custom fabricated you won’t probably won’t find another like it.” Yeah you read that right? Power wise he quotes “This car is very fast roughly 315hp to the wheels and it is pushing 24lbs of boost!”
The amount of torque that this car has is most likely insane. That and not being able to see the actual chassis modifications I can only imagine what they are unfortunately 🙁 Kind of have to imagine what rear differential is being used now to withstand the torque output of the 4bt.

You would also like to imagine that it would get awesome fuel milage now seeing as it shouldn’t weigh all that much. He also claims that it is registered to the engine so it will pass smog check with a diesel swapped in. Don’t know if New Jersey would let that kind of this float through inspection or not?

That and I would have to get used to the paint scheme that it has going on. It would take quite a bit of work to change it, more than Maaco would be willing to deal with at least 😛

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