1991 FIAT IVECO TURBO DIESEL VAN UTLTRA LOW 12000 miles, LIKE Sprinter – $15000


Now thats a Van

My family has been looking for a Can and this 1991 FIAT IVECO TURBO DIESEL VAN would be the perfect van bar none. It’s just on the wrong side of the country is the problem 🙁

Large small RV
This Big
Big lil RV
Doesn’t get smaller

The good point about having this Craigslist > Fiat Iveco Turbo Diesel Van is not only the low 12000 miles but, that it is not a monster like most of the Recreational Vehicles are!

Front view
Not to wide
Across interior
Pass seat

So think about it, the normal RV (Recreational Vehicle) is like an apartment on wheels and then some. Heck, some have twin rear axles at times even because they are some big! So think about how much better it would be to have something this size so you could actually park it in your driveway and still have room for your car?

Across from drivers side
Drivers seat
Clean passenger side
Pass side
Then there is also the price, some of the larger ones you actually have to take a mortgage out on! Not exactly something I would be wanting to do if you ask me. At least not for a vehicle that you are only going to use once a year at times.
Large in the rear
Rear interior
Heck, the township next to mine has a larger RV in the driveway that I have never seen it move for decades! It has a for sale sign in the windshield but, next to the for sale sign is a hand written sign that says we know what we paid for this so no low ballers.

I would think this may be why the Rec Vehicle has never sold over all these years?

Anyway, this Fiat Iveco is definitely the vehicle you would want if you don’t have a big driveway or wish to rent a parking space for a vehicle that you really are never going to use. At least that is how I see it when it comes to RV’s

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