1934 Ford roadster runs 295mph!


So this Blown Fuel 1934 Ford roadster management to run 295 miles an hour at Bonneville salt flats.

Not only is it neat hearing the pit crew talking while starting the engine but then watching the mile markers whizzing by faster and faster is the Car gains speed with it it’s detuned Top Fuel Engine


Then you notice the car start to drift to left side as it’s a rather short wheelbase vehicle for these kinds of speeds. When you see the view start to fog up it’s because of a wrist pin seizing is pressuring oil out of the engine and spraying down the camera lens. Glad it didn’t have a windshield because I don’t know what I would do with that kind of speed 😕 Than the last cones at the two and 3 mile mark and you see how fast they go bye! You really have to respect a guy that can drive a car like this at these kinds of speeds

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