18th Spring Nats Etown NJ Drag Racing


18th Spring Nats Etown NJ Drag Racing

For the first few races I saw a Chevy Truck racing a Mercedes Benz of all things 😯 The Benz pulled a rather nice time to considering it is more known for luxury than Drag racing 😕

Next set of races things got a lil odd or strange 😕 I see a Honda Del sol racing something that I am not sure of what it is? Next we get yet another Del sol going up against a Mustang of all things. It could have been exciting if either car was more than they were. I actually saw a Sel Sol a while ago that pulled some pretty nice times. Just not today it would seem.
Honda vs Ford
Del Sol vs Mustang

We next get to see a typical thing at events like this it would seem 🙁 We get a V8 S10 pulling up to the line along with a first get Toyota Supra.
They do their burnouts and then pull up to the line to do the run. What wait a minute they are told by the staging official to go back for some reason? I was looking down the track to see if anything was going on like parts were being picked up off the track or something like that but, nope I didn’t see anything. He then pushes them back to do burnouts again.
Chevy races Toyota
Supra vs S10

They go back and go through the motions again and get stopped yet again? I am not seeing what the deal is until they finally are able to make their run. All in all it wasn’t worth the wait for the most part but, I might be being a bit mean as they spent enough time for a rather low end run. I haven’t seen a 1st Get Supras pulling very good times at Englishtown for a while and this kept that the same.

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