16V-71T Detroit Diesel “Good Running Take Out” Industrial Engine eBay find


Just what I need!

16V-71T Detroit Diesel “Good Running Take Out” Industrial Engine eBay find is what I have been wanting for absolutely no particular reason. Well except that I would rule when it came to having the biggest engine!

Detroit eBay
So Big, So Want

You really don’t see these much driving around on the roads. I mean it is beyond big even when it comes to tractor trailer engines.

Detroit Desel
Pass side view

We rented a garage a decade ago and the guy that lived behind the garage had a huge collection of trucks that he used. I was interested in the 10 Ton 123 but, I did take notice of a cab over that he had with a large engine sticking out of the back of the cab?

Detroit Turbo Turbo
Turbo close up
I first thought to look at the cab over because it had 2 intake stacks along with the exhaust stacks sticking out from behind and over the cab. Eventually, he ended up telling me that he picked up that cab to move some form of concrete bridge beams that were absolutely huge. He also added that they had to be transported not over a mountain but, rather up a long and steep hilly road.
Detroit Oil Filters
Oil Filters
He claimed that the truck wasn’t fast or anything like that but, when it came to the hills the cab over just would not slow down going up the hills. That and he said the sounds this engine made are beyond belief and that was part of the reason he still had it even though he did not use it anymore.
Detroit Diesel Flywheel
Huge Pilot Bearing
Detroit Diesel Fan
No Clutch
I loved the thought of having something that when you drove it people knew you are coming! Just think of the sounds this engine makes even idling. Most of the reason when I saw this on eBay I was thinking of what kind of Rat Rod could be built that would use an engine that weighs close to 5000 pounds (4950#) just to win OMG contests!

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