How to DRILL a Square Hole with a Drill Press


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How to DRILL a Square Hole with a Drill Press. Yes you read that right, not a mill but, a drill press is used to DRILL a square hole into a piece of Aluminum

While it has often been thought to be a rumor or a joke but, nope. Here it is for everyone to witness.

Pilot hole
Round Hole

Not only that but, it has square corners and not rounded ones like the Gif shows.

1st hole
Jig for pilot
I would like to think this could make a more precision way of putting square holes into Railings that are made at the shop I work at. However, we use a punch on an ironworker to do such a task much quicker.
Many Jigs
Square Jig
So the only way this works would be as if the punched holes need to be much more either well spaced or a cleaner hole produced. Otherwise, this would slow the process down way too much. I would like to have it just for sheer fact that I can video and get YouTube views but, that’s the status for ago at this point time?
Unless anybody good can think of a better reason to be using this. Otherwise, just a slower way to make a square hole into a flat object. Like I said it’s neat otherwise just a bit slow or slower than laser or a water jet cutting it even. Someone has to figure a better way to use this tool.

That or a cheap way for me to get my hands on once I can play with it. I promise I’ll make YouTube videos trying to drill through all sorts of different Metals. Or wood or what have you? Come on some One out there think of something good to uses for So I have a reason to get one. Tools are also meant to be played with, Not just for work At least for me If you can understand that?

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