Home Built Teardrop Trailer by Tiny House Builder


Kids are builders!

So this Home Built Teardrop Trailer by Tiny House Builder is pretty interesting build that brings ideas to me as a family member had a Teardrop trailer before. Now thinking of building one instead of buying another?

Anyway, this is something I saw on the Morning News and decided to investigate it a bit further by searching YouTube for more details about it.

Now the teardrop trailer we had was a true teardrop shaped trailer with either Aluminum or Stainless Steel skin on the outside. Then the rear has a fold out panel where you had the cooking stove and other various pieces stored there.

The link that brought me to this entire building a homebuilt Teardrop trailer was the Tiny House one in the first place. Way back in either the late 70’s or early 80’s I had built a similar “Club House” with my backyard neighbors.

Size wise it was similar but, more of a square design with no second floor as this one had. Nore did it have a floor as his tiny house has. More of a dirt floor clubhouse basically. However, I helped build another clubhouse 2 houses away and took a shelf out of our clubhouse to put in the other causing an argument.

Anyway, we were kids and one of the parents said then tear it down if it is going to cause arguments!

So within the week of it being built, we tore it down and that’s that 🙁

Of course, this was well before video cameras are built into cell phones. Heck, this was before a cell phone was even thought of!

So we could have been viral before being viral was even a thing either. Now if I could only figure out a way to go back in time to record some of these things and monetize them?

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