Biggest Winged Monza Ever!


Don’t see many Monzas these days

While at Raceway Park Englishgtown NJ one night back in 2009 I got a chance to see one of the wildest Monza’s I think I will ever get to see?

Huge Scoop
Huge Scoop

Looks to be a Grumpy’s Toy replica or maybe it could be the original for all I know? I should have talked to the driver in the staging lanes but I was there with an 11 second pump gas Forester so I wasn’t all that interested in other cars that night.

Now as someone has posted after seeing this page, it is the real deal car! So as usual I am left wishing I had asked the driver in the staging lanes about the car and learned the truth about it. I could then have gone to the pit and possibly got some better footage of the car.

I have seen some very interesting cars in the pits at both Englishtown and Island dragway but, never bothered to go and talk to the owners. Unfortunately one Maverick that I had seen at both tracks owner passed away. It was a very interesting setup that people are trying to track down as they originally built the engine for another car. Anyway the owner passed away and not the location is unknown of the car and drivetrain 🙁

It is not quite as famous as Grumpy’s Monza although it is around the same size. Just not racing in anywhere near the same class with the Monza being an old Pro Stock car from what I remember? The Maverick was a more interesting car seeing that it was using a straight six that has virtually no aftermarket parts available for the engine. So most everything internal had to be made at the owners expense!

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  1. It’s a real Grumpy car. I know the owner.

    • If that is the truth then I wish I had tracked it down in the pits so I could have got some more up close pics of it. I love cars with a Real History.

      • If there’s a way to private message you or if you email me, I’d send you more info. I have a pic of #14 & #15 together at Raceway Park on Pinterest.

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