A Watch Winding W16 Bugatti Engine Block?


Watch Winding W16

A Watch Winding W16 Bugatti Engine Block? Yes, you read that right. So who has this kind of money to buy 16 Watches much less an expensive engine block to be used to wind them!

Ridiculous watch winder

Seriously though, who or why would you have either product?

Block Winder
Real Block

Now I am not a watch person at all. Heck, my cell phone is always with me and it tells me more than just the time. Oh wait a minute, I did just order a BlueTooth watch the other day but, that was just out of pure curiosity of the health monitoring features so…

Anyway, this “Watch Winder” will cost in access of $100,000 and is made by Click Here-> OriginTimes.

Again, this is a real W16 Ettore Bugatti engine block
Watch Winder
Real Deal
So serisouly with a “Stand” costing in the six fugure range, how much could the watches themselves cost and why?

OK the sight I found this on was mentioning Link-> Parmigiani Fleurier as a possible watchmaker as it does sell Bugatti watches! Yeah, I never knew of the existence of those either much less a Bugatti block as a winder.

Underside of W16 Block
Jeez it’s nuts

Those watches do not even seem that expensive as I have seen other watches at Costco Watches in that price range. Yeah, I know who the heck is shopping at Costco and buying stuff in this price range.

I don’t wanna be hearing well they have the money because they are saving by shopping there either. Yeah this is all pretty frivolous if you ask me but, hey I’m dumping way to much money into a freaking Subaru so who am I to say right?

Winding bloc guts
Winding Mechanism

Again there are just so many insanely priced this out there that people will pay for with reasons I will never understand it seems?
Why just why
Heck at this point I think I would want this Floating Camera watching it all the time and recording it for insurance reasons. Well that and to show it off on your cell phone to people via Wifi.

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