3 Wheeling a Hydro Impala in the Detroit Snow


No, just no!

3 Wheeling a Hydro Impala in the Detroit Snow may look cool or cooky and maybe bad ass, however, think about all the time someone is going to have to put into polishing the Chrome now 🙁

Detroit Snow
Hydro in Snow

Look closely at the chrome rear axle housing on this car and then think!

Yes, I would love to have my old ’64 Impala back and then put a sweet Hydraulic system in it so I could put it in any position I feel fit.

Now on to the car in the video 3 wheeling in the snow.
So he said that he is doing this in the first real snow in Michigan, well ok in Detroit’s first big snow since this car was finished I am guessing?

Like I posted before, look at the chromed rear axle and think to yourself how long until it rusts now?

You know it will pit like a Bumper does if it’s not hit with polish and kept up on. So think about having to crawl around under this car to polish that rear axle housing so it doesn’t pit up or worse yet, RUST!

Then you would have to think that the front A-arms are also Chrome Plated to match the rear axle. Plus all the other pieces and parts that are chromed to keep up with appearances. Then needing to be polished all the time to keep it from going to waste.

Heck, just think of all the other things done to this car that is now being driven in the snow!

Yeah, it is pretty cool seeing this cause you are never going to see this happening in California where you would expect a car like this to be.

Wait, just thought about it for a second but, you think this has snow tires on it? I would say no so this is really gonna be a crappy ride in the snow too!

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