1971 Dodge Challenger Wagon!


1971 Dodge Challenger Wagon!

A 1971 Dodge Challenger Wagon! I Am completely at a loss for words for how to describe this Challenger Wagon/nomad version of a Mopar 😕

Custom Challenger Nomad
It is real and production!

I mean I had a ’71 RT challenger with a big block and miss it to this day but, I don’t know if I ever would’ve sold if it looked like this. Yes the video has new Challengers turned into station wagons and crew cab pickups but nothing beats 1971 Challenger/nomad 🙂

Somehow I was able to find a video of the Purple ’71 Challenger/Nomad doing a burnout…. 😯

How I would love to find something like this now! Yes, I would take any Challenger in a pinch but, this Wagon would be tops on my list of vehicles to have in my fleet. Then if we can get an RB block under the hood or dare we hope for a HEMI 😛

Actually from what rumors I was able to pick up on Facebook these are a kit or something? Possibly even a car that you could have purchased as a driving vehicle!

Now I would have been down for buying one of these in a drop-dead second! Of course, now you would most likely be assassinated for doing something like this to a Challenger! Heck, I still have a 1971 front Valance in Hemi Orange sitting in my cellar from mine that I sold off years ago along with the back seat.

I even have a slap-shift auto shifter and the floor pan piece cut out of a Challenger sitting in my cellar waiting for someone to buy it from me as I know I will never have another one 🙁

Oh and still have the steering column from my R/T Challenger too for sale!

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