1971 Dodge Challenger Wagon!


1971 Dodge Challenger Wagon!

Am completely at a loss for words for how to describe this Challenger Wagon/nomad version of a Mopar 😕

1971 Dodge Challenger Wagon!

I mean I had a ’71 RT challenger with a big block and miss it to this day but, I don’t know if I ever would’ve sold if it looked like this. Yes the video has new Challengers turned into station wagons and crew cab pickups but nothing beats 1971 Challenger/nomad 🙂

Somehow I was able to find a video of the Purple ’71 Challenger/Nomad doing a burnout…. 😯

How I would love to find something like this now! Yes I would take any Challenger in a pinch but, this Wagon would be tops on my list of vehicles to have in my fleet. Then if we can get a RB block under the hood or dare we hope for a HEMI 😛

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